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About Us

White Clover Consulting Inc.

Located in Westchester County, NY, White Clover Consulting Limited excels in innovative financial solutions, going beyond traditional bookkeeping to become your trusted financial partner. We deliver customized financial strategies tailored to each client’s unique goals, leveraging our advanced training and deep expertise. Committed to excellence, integrity, and partnership, we ensure your success and resilience in a dynamic economic environment.


Bookkeeping Solutions

Our bookkeeping solutions provide accurate financial data and analysis to help you make informed business decisions.

Financial Consulting

Our financial consulting services provide customized solutions to help you achieve your business goals and navigate complex financial decisions.


Our tax services ensure compliance with all tax regulations while minimizing your tax liability and maximizing your deductions.

What Our Clients Say?

White Clover Consulting Limited provided me with valuable financial insights and strategies that helped me grow my business and achieve my goals.

John Smith

The bookkeeping solutions provided by White Clover Consulting Limited have saved me time and stress, allowing me to focus on growing my business.

Emily Chen

White Clover Consulting Limited’s tax services have saved me money and provided peace of mind, knowing that my business is in compliance with all tax regulations.

Michael Lee

About Us

White Clover Consulting Limited delivers innovative financial solutions, customized to each client’s unique goals. Our financial consulting, bookkeeping, and tax services ensure your success and resilience in a dynamic economic environment. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and partnership makes us your trusted financial partner.


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